Part 1: The heart of Peter Young

I’m sure that not many people would entitle their musing about Peter Young “The heart of Peter Young”. That would be too presumptuous. But I don’t really know the man though our paths have crossed on occasion. In a very real sense, I have just missed the man, having come just a little later.… Read the article

Part 2: The Malaysian Church and Peter Young

Reading Tan Jin Huat’s book—The Revd Peter John Young – Pioneer, Pastor and Pal—I realized that Peter’s ministry in Malaysia began just a couple of years before I was born. And so the Malaysian Church as I knew it is the Malaysian Church with Peter Young. Jin Huat took pains to tell us that Peter’s “training at Ridley Hall provided him with a conservative evangelical foundation that focuses on the supreme authority of Scripture in matters of faith and life, the centrality of the Gospel and the atoning work of Christ at the cross for the salvation of the world.” From conversations with M.… Read the article

A gentle giant passes

By Amar-Singh HSS, Lim Swee Im June 30, 2014 On the 28th of June 2014, quietly and with little fanfare, one of the greatest of Malaysians has died. He has now gone on to be with God for all eternity, receiving a reward far beyond what many of us can ever hope to receive.… Read the article

A Word from The Micah Mandate

THE MICAH MANDATE was started when four friends were honoured by the agreement of a much wiser, experienced, enthusiastic and much better known man – The Reverend Peter Young – to join them in their venture. If the team thought that he was just lending his important name to their venture, they very soon found out that he intended to be and indeed was their major partner!… Read the article