Maria Ressa, Khashoggi, other journalists named Time Person of the Year

NEW YORK — Time Magazine on Tuesday recognized journalists, including the slain Saudi columnist Jamal Khashoggi, as its 2018 Person of the Year in what it said was an effort to emphasize the importance of reporters’ work in an increasingly hostile world. The designation wasn’t intended as a specific message to the magazine’s runner-up choice, President Donald Trump, who has denounced “fake news” and called some reporters enemies of the people, said Ben Goldberger, executive editor.… Read the article


This of course is about a significant number of UMNO MPs seeking to join the coalition of the day, Pakatan Harapan. DAP and PKR have been firm about not accepting them, saying that this at the very least can be viewed as compromising the reform agenda. PPBM, Mahathir’s party, and Amanah, the PAS break-off, (the 2 parties in Pakatan Harapan with the least number of MPs) have basically said that they will examine each application on a case by case basis and past political affiliation is not a disqualifying factor.… Read the article

Rest in God’s faithfulness

The word trust is the heart word of faith. It is the Old Testament word, the word given to the early and infant stage of faith. The word faith expresses more the act of the will, the word belief the act of the mind or intellect, but trust is the language of the heart.… Read the article

Philippine journalist Maria Ressa, one of Duterte’s fiercest critics, remains defiant despite arrest

Her news site, Rappler, has been investigated by police after challenging extrajudicial killings in Duterte’s war on drugs The case has become a symbol of the deterioration of democracy under the current administration and a blow for press freedom Maria Ressa, the editor of Philippine online news site Rappler and one of the most outspoken critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, has refused to back down despite her arrest earlier today on charges of tax fraud.… Read the article

What Future for Democracy?

We are often told that in poor countries, democracy is a luxury, and we should focus on feeding the hungry. However, this is a misleading “either-or”. Famines don’t happen in democracies; and democracies that trade with each other don’t go to war. Where in the world do we find a political party that lost a general election being installed as the “government” of that country by a President who belongs to that minority party himself?… Read the article

Malaysia to introduce ISO anti-corruption certification system in all high-risk sectors of the government

KUALA LUMPUR: In a world first, Malaysia will introduce the International Standards Organisation’s (ISO) anti-corruption certification system in all high-risk sectors of the government, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad announced yesterday. The ISO 37001 certification for the Anti-Bribery Management System will be applied in all ministries, agencies, departments and government-linked companies (GLCs) that are at high risk in order to prevent corruption and develop a culture of integrity, he said.… Read the article

The bogeyman isn’t our enemy

by Philip Golingai Malaysians should be wary of those who use divisive tactics to grab power at the expense of unity and harmony.   CAN you feel the heat? I do. The religious and racial tension in our country has gone up a notch or two the last one week. Last Saturday, I had an inkling that this would happen when I watched on Facebook Live an Umno and PAS gathering in Pasir Salak, Perak.… Read the article

Sheep and goats

In case we are unclear about where certain political parties, politicians and civil society groups stand, I think the ICERD issue has made things crystal clear. ICERD is about saying no to racial discrimination. And the PH Government wants make Malaysia a signatory, like most of the countries in the world.… Read the article

Perak Speaker Ngeh: I’m richer than what MACC says

Editor’s Note: This of course references the proclamation that Ngeh had declared the highest amount, according to the MACC asset declaration list. By John Bunyan IPOH, Nov 23 — Perak Speaker Datuk Ngeh Khoo Ham corrected today his asset declaration listed by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) as RM82 million, not RM75 million as stated.… Read the article