Amazing Admissions!

The Sunday STAR (April 13th 2008) reported that Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam acknowledged “the many reports involving foreign workers stranded at the airport after their employers failed to pick them up, arbitrary termination and workers, unhappy with the wages, running away.

There are also cases of employers not paying their workers and victimising them,” he said, adding the Manpower Department found that nearly a third of the 2,850 employers checked flouted various labour laws.

The ministry views the matter seriously and I have directed the Manpower Department to intensify its checks,” he said, adding that these checks would also cover the 260 outsourcing companies.

Many outsourcing companies are applying to bring in large numbers of workers without having any contract with any company needing workers,” he told reporters after opening the Johor-level career carnival yesterday.

From January this year, the ministry had taken 18 employers to court.

What an amazing situation! Possibly 900 employers flouting the law and only 18 taken to court! Outsourcing companies attempting (and sometimes succeeding?) to recruit workers when no jobs are available! And who suffers as a result of these flagrant abuses of justice? The FOREIGN WORKERS – OUR GUESTS IN MALAYSIA.

May the necessary laws to protect the rights of the foreign workers be both passed and applied effectively as soon as possible.

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