‘Back-Up’ Party for UMNO Mooted

The NST of Wednesday 14 May 2008 reports:

A group of former UMNO members and newcomers to politics is forming what they call a “back-up” party for the Malays and Bumiputeras.

Parti Kegemilangan Bangsa Malaysia (KBM) is not meant to rival UMNO, but a secondary political platform to fall back on should the 62-year-old UMNO falter and lose its clout, its pro-tem committee secretary Abdul Kadir Edros said.

62 years have passed and still the possibility of yet another racially based political party.


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  1. i guess certain communities feel threatened by a Malaysian Malaysia. it was indeed a sad day when we decided to revert the whole education system from teaching in English to teaching in bahasa Malaysia.Nothing wrong with that if islamisation was left out.

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