Visible Hope

I am invisible.
I am not. But I am.
Being, Faith, Identity.
Crushed by the pillars that should uphold me, constitutionally.
But instead, crush me….crush me.
Ground into the soil I am not allowed to be a part of,
Crush me, but not my spirit.
So real. So invisible.
Despair, hope.
Anger, hope.
Frustration, hope.
Hope….dwindling, dwindling.
Hold your breath, Shut your eyes.
Shut out the oppression, knives, slurs, arrogance,
Injustice. …Fear.
So real, So visible.
Where is the light?
The release from shackles unseen!
Condescension that grabs us by the throat.
Enough! Be silent, they said.
So real. So invisible.
We will not be.
Morphed into seething resentment,
We will do battle. Only, gently.
We have to make a difference.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
A mark, only a mark.
Is what it takes.
To mark an indelible change,
Forever inked into our Nations History.
So real. So visible.
Fluttering on the edge of dawn,
A fragile wisp of hope.
That grows and grows, and now
Starts to rip apart my mask of
I am real.
I am visible.
I am Malaysian.

5 Replies to “Visible Hope”

  1. Can’t believe I’m the first for anything, let alone the first to post a comment! Anyway congratulations on getting this off the ground. Starting is easy though, getting response and discussion going is something else. Hope you guys will have staying power. All the best!

  2. The ecclesial community needs to be always prophetic and so I am happy to note that you all have taken that bold step. I do wish you all the best. However I have a comment to make in regards the composition. We are in a new era of politics and likewise the way the Church also need to be. The need to be inlusive taking into consideration minorities need to be addressed. It is not that a prebumiputra or Indian need to be represented but rather that they need to be included to work alongside for this common objective.

  3. This is what I like about this website: common people have a voice. There are two or three known writers. But the rest seem to be unknowns. Ordinary citizens having their say with gusto.That I find to be very encouraging indeed.

  4. Indeed, we need to hear more voices … voices who may not be Nobel Prize or Pulitzer Prize winners, but are still winners for being those who share their stories, their passion and wisdom with us. Thanks to all writing and thanks to all who are commenting, as well as spreading the word about The Micah Mandate. Like the African proverb says “Together we can go far!”

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