Wives To The Fore!

Without commenting on the strange goings-on at the Emergency General Meetings of Pertubuhan Bunga Tanjung in Penang (9th March 2008) and Balkis in Selangor (11th March 2008), it is hoped that the new Committee Members of these two societies will amend their constitutions to grant membership to the wives of ALL State Assemblymen and MPs in these two states.

And so, while their husbands may be arguing heatedly or bad-mouthing one another in Parliament or the State Assembly, the wives, meeting round the table with coffee and biscuits, can be working harmoniously for the benefit of the thousands of marginalised persons in their respective states. The united and transparent service which these two societies will be providing will also demonstrate to our nation that there are many areas in the life of our society where the BN and PR should be working together.

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