A Tribute To My Dad

It has been 20 years since my dad passed away due to medical complications [he was a diabetic] when he was admitted to the hospital. I did not expect him to leave us, since he had only retired 3 years earlier. I have missed him so much that I wished he were given another chance 20 years ago. Sadly, no. I wrote this as a tribute to him. If you had known him, you would know what I mean.

A tribute to my Dad

My life to you I owe
You loved me and showed me love
Have I not forgotten you, my dear Papa?
It has been twenty years

At birth, you greeted me into the world
Holding me in your arms
A new life began
Knowing you

At two, I left to stay with Grandma and Grandpa
Not to return until I was fourteen
Nevertheless, we still met
Over the weekends

At eighteen, you allowed to express my faith
Though you were a Hindu
You allowed me to be a Christian
You respected my decision

When I was working, you made sure I was home
Picking me up from the university
Where at times I worked late hours
Knowing well how much I meant to you

Then one day, twenty years ago,
You were gone, I lost you
I did not shed a tear
How was I to know I would never see you.

Papa, I will never be able to touch your face
I will never be able to see your smile
I will never be able to hear your voice
Nevertheless, you still live in me
You are part of me.

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