Race For The Premiership

The race for the English Premier League is over, and being a Manchester United fan, I am happy with the result! The Champions League victory in Moscow was an added bonus! When reading this, my wife, Betty, urged me to show some sympathy towards our family in UK (son-in-law, daughter and 2 grandsons) all of whom are ardent Chelsea supporters!

However in Malaysia, a far more important race is taking place – for the Premiership. If we are to have a new Prime Minister it would appear that Datuk Seri Najib Razak, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah are the front runners. Of course it is always possible that there may be a dark horse who will come from behind and emerge as the winner. (I use the term ’dark horse’ figuratively as I would not dare to refer to any politician as a ‘horse’, although Jesus Christ once called Herod, the tetrarch or ruler, a ‘fox’! – Luke 13:32

We will not be at the racecourse when the UMNO General Assembly meets from 16-20th December. Nevertheless we should be deeply concerned and it is not too early for us, both individually and in our local churches, to pray earnestly that God will overrule in all the decisions that will be made during these critical sessions. May the winner be the man or woman of God’s choosing!

22nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration

Time for a little light entertainment! This morning (10th June), I received the following jocular SMS, which the sender has kindly given me his permission to share with you: “Last night my wife asked me to take her somewhere expensive for our 22nd Anniversary Dinner. So I took her to a petrol station!”

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