Criminal Acts – Deliberate Greed or Desperate Need?

With the economic downturn, it must be expected that there will be a dramatic increase in petty crimes. Our family have READ about such petty crimes and HEARD about them. But at 4pm on Monday, 12th January 2009, we EXPERIENCED one of them in our compound. A friend was visiting us and, at the same time, a man alighted from his motorbike. Our friend opened the gate and walked up our short driveway. The man followed her, but she was not alarmed, thinking that he was our gardener. Suddenly, he produced a chopper and demanded her handbag. She screamed and, fearing for her safety, she handed over her handbag. My wife and I were upstairs and before we could offer any help, the thief, whom we believe to be a Malaysian, escaped on his Honda Cub.

In our efforts to prevent crime, we have a special responsibility to help those who, through job loss, sickness or any other valid reason, are unable to provide for their daily necessities.

As for the thief who visited us – was it DELIBERATE GREED or DESPERATE NEED? We shall never know unless the police, to whom a report was made, are able to apprehend him!

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