My response to “Trailerload of misprinted Quran dumped in shrubs”

(The original article can be found in, 26.09.2011)

It is very sad to see the Quran treated in this manner. Sacred Books of any religious faith should always be accorded proper respect and dignity by people of all religious faiths. This incident is not an isolated one. Such treatment of Sacred Books shows that too many people are paying too little or no respect to religious sentiments and values. This speaks ill of a nation and may even lead to the breaking up of a nation. No individual, business enterprise, service provider or government officer or department should ever conduct itself, himself or herself, with such disregard for what others hold sacred. The same goes for the departed loved ones. Despite their departure from this life, their remains are sacred to their respective families and therefore must be treated with the utmost dignity and respect. The families of the departed must be treated with respect too. It is best that we all learn to “do to others what we would have others do to us”.

One Reply to “My response to “Trailerload of misprinted Quran dumped in shrubs””

  1. Thank you for your kind words, it shows you are a respectable person.
    I am a Muslim “alhamdullah” and I just would like to kindly correct something here, I want you also to rest assure that Quraan is always being protected by God and no one can ever change that.
    And for those who treated noble Quraan as you said you know that God is watching us all and everyone is responsible for his deeds. But if anyone sees anything that is not correct its good that he will change so we can be positive people.

    Thank you so much for your interest and concerns

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