Polling Agent & Counting Agent (PACA) Training by Tindak Malaysia

GCF Malaysia is organising a training session for Polling & Counting agents in collaboration with Tindak Malaysia.

Here are the details:

Date : 24th March (Saturday)
Venue : St Paul’s Church. (Lorong Utara Kecil, Petaling Jaya)
Map : click here


8:30am : Registration.

9:00am : Training + Role Play (Dewan St Paul, 2nd Floor – Upper Room and EC1)

12.00pm : End

Polling Agent + Roleplay (Level 2)

Objective: Participants will have sufficient knowledge to perform as polling agents.

Coverage: Level 2, Intermediate (For first timer @ Polling agent refresher course)

Content : Duration 3 hours / 50% Training (1.5hrs), 50% Role play (1.5hrs)

  • Polling Agent & Booth Observer / Barung Agent responsibilities.
  • How do I become a Polling Agent / Counting Agent / Barung Agent?
  • What is the Electoral Structure of Malaysia?
  • What are the Voting Processes?
  • What is inside a PACA Kit?
  • Tasks for Polling Agents before and during polling & Best Practices.
  • How to handle different scenarios during polling?
  • What are the forms used for procedure control and accounting of ballot papers?
  • How to protest?
  • How to use Standard Operating Procedure checklist & references to Election.

Counting Agent + Roleplay (Level 3)

Objective: Participant will be ready to become any PACABA role on Election Day.

Coverage: Level 3, Advanced

Content : Duration: 3 hours. 30% Training (1hrs), 70% Role play (2hrs).

Pre-requisite: Completed Polling Agent Level 2 sessions OR you have previously served as PACA in the previous general elections. If you are new to PACABA training, DO NOT attend this as you will be lost.

  • Counting Agent responsibilities
  • Tasks for Counting Agents during and after counting & Best Practices.
  • How to fill up ALL forms used for procedure control and ballot paper accounting?
  • How to handle different scenarios during counting?
  • How to determine Undi Ragu?
  • How to recount?
  • How to protest?
  • What to do when you have more ballots in the box than reported in Form 13?
  • What are the relevant envelops used?
  • How to use Standard Operating Procedure checklist & references to Election Laws?

PACABA = Polling Agent, Counting Agent, Barung Agent.

“Barung” is the station at the entrance to polling centres where voters first go to check their details before going in to the polling rooms.

Training is free of charge. The purchase of the below 3 materials is not compulsory but if you want to volunteer as PACABA, then it is something you will need to be able to do your job effectively.Thus, we encourage you to purchase them.

  1. Buku Panduan SPR (3-in-1, that includes Polling/Counting Agent Handbook, Guide to Determine Undi Ragu, Candidate Guidebook) RM10
  2. Tindak Malaysia Training Package (all the necessary forms + samples+ checklists + election law references) RM5
  3. Tindak Malaysia Process Flow Charts (for Barung, Polling and Counting Agents)RM2

During the training session, Tindak Malaysia will have other supporting materials for sale as below:

1. Election Laws of Malaysia – RM30
2. PACABA training DVDs (2 volumes)-RM10

For your information, there is always a shortage of agents (PACABA), so your participation is highly encouraged. If you are interested to be trained and would like to volunteer to help out as PACABA for better transparency during the upcoming general elections, please email to gcf.msia@gmail.com your RSVP before 19th March and note which level of training you would like to be trained.

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