Proposed Bible-burning an abhorrent act

22nd January 2013


This morning a notice was found in the post box of a Christian priest in Butterworth which provided information that there would be a “pesta” of burning the Bahasa Melayu version of the Bible and inviting people to attend (see below).

This terrible event is to be held this Sunday 27th January 2013 at 10am in front of the Dewan Ahmad Badawi at the Bagan Luar municipality field in Butterworth.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia vehemently abhors this Bible-burning proposed action which was first mooted by the Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali who is also the Member of Parliament for Pasir Mas and now it seems someone or a group (the Anti-Bahasa Melayu Bible Action Group) has threatened to make Bible-burning a reality this Sunday on a day most sacred to Christians as they worship the Almighty God.

All religious Scriptures are sacred books and we should not threaten to burn them or to desecrate any such holy book in any manner.

Christians are peace-loving people who will continue to seek peace and harmony across all religious groups for the well-being of our great country. We pray that good sense and moderation will prevail for all people in times such as these.

We call on those who desire to foment hatred for political gain to cease and desist from such a vile act – an act unbecoming of us as Malaysians who uphold the Rukunegara of which the first pillar is “Belief in God”.

CFM encourages all Malaysians and especially the Christians to be in prayer that such a thing will not happen in our beloved Malaysia.

May the Almighty God confound the plans of such devious people who threaten to burn the Holy Scripture of the Christians in the Bahasa Melayu version.

Bishop Datuk Ng Moon Hing
Chairman and the Executive Committee
The Christian Federation of Malaysia

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