Stopping the madness

Yesterday I was at breakfast with a couple of friends. Once again the conversation turned political, starting with the Sulu saga but moving on to the impending election. And once again (see my previous article on the third choice) I was surprised to hear a lack of clarity from these friends regarding the outcome they wish to see from the election.

Anwar, this time, is the stumbling block. He was from UMNO. I don’t trust the man. Do you really think he will be different? Do you think things will really improve, that the country will be less corrupt, under Anwar?

My friends are clear that the present government is bad. It is just that they do not think Anwar will be better.

Once again, I had to help my friends look at the bigger picture. If BN wins the 13th General Election, it would be the 13th time BN won. As someone says, insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. In this case these friends do not expect different results but they are so disillusioned that in one sense they have abandoned hope.

I want a BN loss in the 13th Election because they have been proven over a long period of time to be detrimental to Malaysia’s health as a country; from mismanagement to corrupt activities, from blatantly partisan to sowing disunity and discord, from abuse of power to corrupting the nation’s institutions.

Until there is a change in regime, it would be insanity to think things can change.

No one knows whether things will be better or worse under PR although one can point to Penang and Selangor as possible examples. Kelantan and Kedah do not seem so great. No one knows what PAS will be like when allowed onto the national stage. No one knows how the nation’s institutions will respond to a change in regime. No one knows what Anwar will do if he is chosen to be the PM. I certainly do not.

What I do know is that PR will unlikely have 2/3 majority and so they cannot amend the constitution. BN will hound them and highlight any possibility of corruption. PR will be forced to be scrupulously clean. A new regime will not have carte blanche to change the administration of the country willy nilly. They will have the civil service to contend with. In fact I expect that PR will be very shackled from doing very much, especially in terms of matters that will harm the bread and butter of the nation.

But it will be difficult to shackle a government from doing what is good and right in the eyes of the nation. It will be difficult to stop a government from implementing policies that the nation wants.

This is the small glimmer of hope that perhaps can turn the nation back towards a better future; good policies given a chance of implementation. And for those so jaded that they have lost all hope, please, even though you don’t expect any improvement from regime change, vote with me.

To those who like me desire a regime change after the 13th General Election, have conversations with your friends, colleagues and family who are voters. Clarify the issues. This is not about BN or PR, Najib or Anwar. This is about stopping the madness of continually empowering a party that we know have been driving our country to ruin.

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