This one I must attend

Memorial by the River
Date: July 16, 2013
Time: 7pm
Place: Bar Council car park (behind Annexe Gallery), Leboh Pasar Besar, KL

As a person who seldom attend such public gatherings and over the years has become professionally adept at finding a whole host of reasons why I shouldn’t, I WILL BE THERE ON TUESDAY EVENING. Regardless of the inconvenience of a weekday evening outing into the very heart of the city and the practical logistics of how to get there and even more so how to get home after that, this one I must attend. WHY SO? Because through by my attendance, I shall attest to the following:

  1. I wish to condole with the bereaved families whose loss of loved ones under the most tragic circumstances are inconsolable, unfathomable and unconscionable. Not only to them but the nation as a whole. I wish to say how sorry I am that they have suffered so.
  2. I wish to say to the only country in the world I have since birth without any hesitation or ambiguity whatsoever that deaths under custody of the state is not acceptable and unbecoming and is disgraceful to any nation wherever in the world such occurrences have taken place. Instead of making excuses for such occurrences, we as a country must find the wherewithal to STOP THEM from recurring to foul up our national conscience and reputation.
  3. I wish to say to our elected members of parliament, state assemblies as well as appointed local councillors, irrespective of political party affiliations, that they must not look upon this issue in any partisan manner. Wrong is wrong, right is right. RIGHT THE WRONG.
  4. I wish to say to all loyal citizens of our country that this issue is neither pertaining to ethnic nor religious association. It is a human issue- pure and plain. No human being should ever be taken into state custody only to emerge DEAD. If charges have been proffered and if these charges have been proven beyond reasonable doubt in a court of law, he or she as a human being should only be punishable according to the prescriptions established by the law.
  5. I wish especially to say to police or MACC or any other public service personnel that your sincere and truthful services to GOD and country is very much appreciated. YOU are not being accused. But whenever wrong is committed by the odd numbers amongst your colleagues (as is the case in any workplace- public or private), it will be the right thing on your part to do whatever is necessary to save the state institutions you serve with honour in from being unduly tainted and subjected to public distrust and question. A very few individuals may act irresponsibly but the institutions of state should be safeguarded and salvaged because of the very key roles they play in the country.
  6. I wish to say to myself that this is a matter of moral responsibility and a failure of this moral responsibility has resulted in indescribable grief on the part of families so cruelly affected. I myself am in some way responsible for what happened.
  7. Ultimately, I wish to say to GOD ALMIGHTY, have mercy. By accompanying the bereaved families in their grief and by bringing about moral responsibility on the part of us all.


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