Save Bukit Kiara forest!

by Lim Chui Choo

The forest lies abused and embattled
Trampled upon by bulldozers and man
Its famed trails fragmented
Its flora and fauna torn asunder
Its pristine river streams polluted

The ugly 3.6-metre-high metal fencing a grim reminder
of abuses and greed
of disrespect for the people’s interests
of contempt for the environment

The people rallied to save the forest
Ignited by the Kiara warriors
The civilian campaign spread like fire
They marched and halted the rape
They pressed for the preservation of the forest

More insincere assurances
More false hope
More concrete plans for a concrete jungle
Less refuge and peace
Less beauty
Less joy

The forest has shrunk
The rich and powerful have expanded
Greed and arrogance have expanded

The people rallied with a Coalition of Friends of Bukit Kiara
More came from near and far
More awareness
Less apathy
Less fear

A deafening silence answered the pleas and cries of the aggrieved

The forest is shrinking further
Abuses and greed have expanded
Immorality have expanded
More ugly metal fencing
More deflowering by duplicity

Less animals and birds
Less beauty
Less harmony
Less joy

The moon lies bare and abandoned
The birds have taken flight
The forest, a national treasure, forever lost to future generations …

The great Mahatma Gandhi said, “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”

Will you stand up on Sept 28 at sunrise to be counted to save your joy and the forest in Bukit Kiara?

The Coalition of Friends of Bukit Kiara comprising 47 RAs and 11 NGOs are organising a peaceful protest walk on Sept 28 at 8am, starting from Bakti Building (at the base of the Bukit Kiara jogging trail).

Other activities are also planned at Lembah Kiara Park.

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