Change for the better

The country’s longest serving PM is ill. I would have kept quiet if not for the ill-will I have been reading in comments posted in blogosphere. I want to see desirable and necessary CHANGE for the greater good of the country. But such change will not come (but in fact is disproved) if those who wish for such change heap coal on a sick person’s head.

So I share here a conversation between a family member and me two nights ago: “Praying with you…” “Thank you Mr … Really appreciate it.” “Is he alright?” “Yes he is, has a … infection that requires … antibiotics and lots of rest.”

I continue to pray. My own political philosophy and practice is premised on this belief: The good does not absolve the bad; the bad does not entirely cancel out the good.

My prayer is founded on this belief: GOD’s Love and Grace is for all human beings and GOD answers prayer for those who are in need. Thus, I am praying for a man who is sick in hospital and for his family who is anxious.

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