Homosexuality and respect for democratic rights: YES, BUT – The Sociological Minimum


Proposition 1 – Respect is not Conformity or Compliance
YES, the rights of homosexuals to express their views should be respected in a pluralistic democracy,
BUT this respect should not be extended to demand approval of their views and compliance to new social policies that impose homosexual ideology on others.

Proposition 2. Homosexuality should be viewed in Biblical proportion.
YES, homosexuality is one sin amongst many sins listed in Romans 1, 1Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:9-10.
BUT, it is presently THE sin that is most aggressively promoted and exploited as the instrument to expunge Christianity from the public arena.

Proposition 3. Civil law should apply sanctions equally against heterosexual and homosexual relations outside marriage.
YES, homosexual practice should be sanctioned if it is deemed to undermine the social institution of marriage,
BUT, the social sanction should be equally applied to both heterosexual and homosexual relations outside marriage.

Proposition 4. The state has a greater duty to promote and preserve heterosexual marriage relationship.
YES, respect for the democratic right grants some legal recognition of homosexual relations between consenting adults,
BUT, this recognition does not preclude the greater duty of the State to support actively one of its fundamental social institutions, the family based on heterosexual marriage.

Proposition 5. The homosexual controversy should be addressed in Biblical proportion.
YES, homosexual practice is rejected in the Bible as a sin,
BUT, the Bible, including the Apostle Paul (who gives the clearest teaching on the subject) is not obsessed with the sin of homosexuality. A Biblical vision of sexual wholeness emphasizes nurture of Christian virtues and holiness.

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