A Word from The Micah Mandate

THE MICAH MANDATE was started when four friends were honoured by the agreement of a much wiser, experienced, enthusiastic and much better known man – The Reverend Peter Young – to join them in their venture. If the team thought that he was just lending his important name to their venture, they very soon found out that he intended to be and indeed was their major partner! He was in fact their primary writer – promptly submitting his postings without fail – and constantly calling them on the phone to ask about the progress of each and every issue, even convening meetings to have face-to-face meetings. He was an inspiration and catalyst and of course the team learned much from him in many more ways than the scope of TMM. It was a bonanza for each of us, a learning by seeing, hearing and feeling his passion for his country, for truth, for the civic education of the people at large, his advocacy for the poor and marginalised, his love for his LORD.

Such learning from such a man of GOD has furthered and enhanced the convictions of those of us privileged and blessed by his presence, tutelage and example. Each of us had continued the other roles and responsibilities which we were already committed to even before the start of TMM. In addition, each of us has since assumed various other responsibilities in more recent times. We will now formally retire this TMM website after readers have posted their comments. For this purpose, TMM site will remain open till 31 July 2017 and your ideas and advice will be dutifully noted. Thank you.

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