Sometimes something-someone may matter more than ourselves

AND I THOUGHT THAT through 20 YEARS IN POLITICS I HAD SEEN & HEARD IT ALL! Evidently not… I didn’t think that someone would-could actually PLAY POLITICS and VILIFY – “speak or write about in an abusively disparaging manner… belittle, diminish, deprecate, cast aspersions on, decry, criticize unfairly, attack, speak ill of, speak badly of, blacken the character of, blacken the name of, give someone a bad name, sully the reputation of…” A NOBLE DEED of a 12 year old boy wanting to donate his savings (for a drum set) towards Tabung Harapan Malaysia instead. The person who publicly denounced this accusing Lim Kit Siang and Hannah Yeoh (who were present at the ceremony) calling it a “gimmick and a pretty cheap stunt” is to my own shame and disgust from my own party (which we formed after 1998 when – thankfully – such a person was not with us!). You can fight and say all you want among politicians BUT NOT WHEN IT INVOLVES A TEENAGER WHO WISHES TO BE PATRIOTIC! What a horrific SHAME you have brought to our party which was born out of the REFOMASI movement. (Please sue me; I would love to meet you in court: adult versus adult!)

Segambut MP Hannah Yeoh said (in MKini) after receiving criticism for overseeing a 12-year-old boy donating his piggy bank to Tabung Harapan Malaysia that the young should be allowed to express themselves. “For everyone who is criticising this move to allow Ervin (Devadasan) to donate to Tabung Harapan Malaysia – I have this to say: It is time we allow our young to express themselves freely and we support them when their desire is noble. “He wants to help his country. He spoke with conviction. I am proud of Ervin, and I am certain we have many similar stories across Malaysia. Keep doing what is right,” she said in a Facebook posting. “I am not ashamed to witness the handover of his piggy bank. The people who should be ashamed are those who have stolen from the taxpayers and is the reason for the existence of such a fund,” she added. INDEED!

And as for you dear BRAVE DRUMMER BOY, thank you for showing us – young and old – that SOMETIMES, SOMETHINGS, SOMEONE else may matter more than ourselves! GOD BLESS YOU!

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