Mischief afoot?

It’s like a barn house dance, changing partners every few bars as the music merrily plays on.

After PH’s historic win over BN, Zahid met with Dr Mahathir. And Najib called Anwar. At some point, it seems, PAS president Hadi and PPBB president Abang Johari also met Dr Mahathir.

A few days ago Mustapa Mohamed, a senior UMNO leader, quit UMNO, followed by Anifah Aman.

The rumour mill is working overtime. “There will be many more resignations to come. PPBM is enticing Malay MPs over to strengthen its own position.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Hishammuddin recently met with Mahathir, to “listen to Mahathir’s plans for the country’s future”.

And let’s not forget Rafizi’s claim that Mahathir wants to deny Anwar the premiership and Azmin is a pawn in this game.

Underneath all these is UMNO’s desperation to get back into power. Nazri recently revealed (and Zahid has acknowledged) that UMNO MPs have signed a a statutory declaration empowering Zahid “to negotiate with Pakatan Harapan parties or PAS in its bid to return to government”.

The article goes on to say,

Nazri’s remarks have made political observers (including, I must admit, yours truly) to ask if this is a ploy to create disunity among Pakatan parties and drive a wedge between Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Anwar?

With Dr Mahathir already shutting the Pakatan door on Umno, political observers are asking if the underlining message is Zahid and Co will be taken in by Anwar (sooner or later) considering their ties back in the days in Umno?

For the record, Dr Mahathir’s stand is Umno will not be accepted into Pakatan even if they work with PKR. Still, Umno members can join Bersatu or any Pakatan component party as ordinary members, but not come in as a party. En bloc, so to speak.

Anwar, on his part, also said there will be no cooperation between Pakatan and Umno… at least for now. Not very reassuring as some people see it.

UMNO’s dalliance with PAS has been quite public.

But then last week, Dr Ahmad Zahid and several top Umno leaders held a hush-hush meeting with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad in Putrajaya.

A source said it was to discuss the Malay agenda and how politics had divided the Malays.

The source said that Dr Mahathir, who is also Bersatu chairman, seemed concerned that Malay support will not be with Pakatan once he is no longer up there.

“There was nothing at the meeting to imply any sort of alliance.

“The discussion was on the well-being of the Malays and the betterment of the country,” said the source.

Perhaps we should take Wong Chun Wai’s advice,

But dig deeper, and it sounds more like a group of Umno MPs – who find the gravy train now derailed, and without benefit in sight – cooking up a juicy story to let the various insecure factions in Pakatan Harapan fight over them, for what they are still worth as MPs.

And if nothing is offered, what can be more pleasing to the egos than be heralded as the saviour of the race and religion at the party assembly for their undying proclamation to the party, race and religion?

But don’t be too quick to dismiss the story. It’s only a story, so far, and it hasn’t ended. Whether it’s fiction or otherwise, it will always be strange because this is Malaysia.

For the main PH players involved, Mahathir and Anwar, it would be sensible to keep their eyes on the ball, to work for the good and welfare of the nation and its people. PH is in power and Anwar’s premiership in 2 years is in the hands of PH MPs, not UMNO or PAS. An agreement is in place and key parties have publicly endorsed that agreement. There is no need to play games and allow insecurities to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

If you look at the things that are actually being done, the PH government is making good progress. A lot of positive decisions have been made, the latest of which is the appointment of Art Harun as the EC chairman. Ultimately this is what the electorate wants. And not more political games that will only benefit certain politicians.

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