Frustrated Indira remains clueless about daughter’s whereabouts

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Muhammad Riduan, a Muslim convert, abducted Prasana in 2009 when she was 11 months old and converted his three children to Islam without their knowledge and without Indira’s consent, before going to the Shariah court just a few days later to obtain custody rights for them.

This sparked a court battle for nine long years, as Indira, a Hindu, fought to gain custody of her three children — Prasana; Karan Dinish, 19; and Tevi Darsiny, 20 — and to quash their conversions.

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The battle finally ended in January 29, 2018, when the Federal Court nullified their conversions and ruled that consent of both parents was needed to convert a minor.

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Now, 10 months later, the child is still missing. Let us uphold this woman in prayer, that God will intervene on the behalf of one who is helpless and in anguish because of her love for her child.

“I would also like to plead and beg to the religious groups to help me in this matter.” — M Indira Gandhi


PETALING JAYA: M. Indira Gandhi, the mother who successfully challenged the unilateral conversion to Islam of her three children still remains in the dark about the whereabouts of her youngest child.

In an open letter addressed to the govt and the Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Mohamad Fuzi Harun, and shared with a local English daily, Indira expressed frustration at the lack of progress in finding her youngest daughter, Prasana Diksa.

”It has been many, many years now, and I am yet to see Prasana, let alone hear any updates about efforts to locate her and my fugitive ex-husband,

”Where are they? Is Prasana alive? Is she well? As her mother, I do not know these things which I rightfully should. Why? Because the authorities are yet to tell me anything about her,” said Indira.

She then expressed doubts if she will ever be able to see justice on the matter, noting that she voted for the Pakatan Government.

”What happened to the Federal Court’s order? Is it not sacred anymore? No one needs to heed it? Isn’t rule of law observed today? When will it apply to my case? Will I see justice?

”I voted for Pakatan Harapan. The party which supported my fight when the coalition was still the opposition,” she said.

She then expressed hope that the new government will support her cause to reclaim her daughter

”I do hope that the same volition which was present when the party was fighting with me to claim Prasana back, is very much present now.”

She also pleaded to religious groups to put aside religious scrutiny and help her.

”I would also like to plead and beg to the religious groups to help me in this matter. Especially the right-wing ones.

”What would you do if Prasana was your child? Take off your religious lenses for just once, and help me. My daughter was unfairly snatched away from me. What would you do if you were in my shoes?” she asked.

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