Hannah, Khairy, Nurul

Yesterday I came across an FB post by Hannah Yeoh on Khairy. In an interview Khairy had given the PH government a “D”. Hannah’s response was “This is akin to asking someone who is booted out of school to grade the one who got in!”

From the comments on her post, I could see that the post backfired with many people criticising her for not listening to criticism. And many agreed with Khairy’s assessment.

Her post was wrong at many levels. Khairy was not booted out of school. He remains an MP. Pointedly saying “we won, you lost so shaddup” smacks of arrogance, which many commenters pointed out.

Such throwaway oneliners may seem clever at first glance, but they can cement a perception that can be costly.

Some commenters urged her to watch the interview, saying that he said a lot of good things. So I did.

And yes, it was a good interview, broadening his profile (he spoke about his autistic son), gave perceptive analyses on ICERD and Najib. But most of all he spoke strongly that Government must be for ALL Malaysians and so while he is sympathetic over the UMNO-PAS strategy, he feels that it projects a wrong image.

My take is that Khairy, freed from the constraints of his UMNO ties, is beginning to find his own voice, and that is good for the country.

There was another interview, Nurul Izzah by Singapore’s Straits Times, where she expressed her frustration at the slow pace of reform and policies. That interview is behind a paywall but Malay Mail reports that her plan is to make this her final term as MP. This, on top of her resignation from the PAC over the continued chairmanship of Ronald Kiandee, who has moved from BN to Independent to PPBM over the past few months.

Resigning, rather than engaging and working with the cards you are dealt with, is poor politics but it would seem that Nurul has no appetite for politics and her inability to work with Mahathir at the helm has boiled over. Bridges, it seems, are being burned.

So in the course of 1 day, 3 of the young turks (Khairy is 43) have come into the public’s eye but only Khairy has done well. Khairy’s growth is good for the country. But we do need our other young turks to step up and work in the context of the bigger picture.

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