Like all things heading for greatness, we are a work in progress

By Vinod Sekhar

Over the last six months I’ve seen statements coming from my friends and acquaintances about some of the decisions of our current government. About how bad some statements are, or how so many promises are unfulfilled.

Recently we had the issue of the Rome Statute. In many cases I agree with the criticism, perhaps more vehemently than others. The decision on the Rome Statute was simply wrong. But what caused that decision? It wasn’t Tun M, or Anwar. Where were the noises loudest.

Perhaps Tun M should have just done it, pushed it through. I’m disappointed he didn’t. But I guess politics is politics. They keep telling me that in politics you have to pick your battles. Perhaps that’s why I’m not a politician.

But with just the above, to ignore the great leaps we have taken in society in the last 9 months, and say we are sliding into being a pariah nation or statements in that vein are plain and simply wrong. We are not. Yes, we have problems. And yes, we are getting many things wrong. But pariah or anything remotely like that is just plain nonsense. We have to stop repeating and vomiting misinformation at will, simply because social media has made it easier to.

A great many people sacrificed for decades to fight a system that would not change, filled with injustice and fear. Filled with ignorance. Many risked their livelihood, reputation and freedom to stand and get us a change. That change has happened. And if anyone thinks that things are still the same – well look around properly. And remember what it was like before May 9th. I can see that change everyday. I can hear it on the radio, I can see it on the news, I can read it. I feel it in all the Univerities.

Yes we have a long way to go. And yes there are many things that are still unacceptable, and yes some of the current leaders are much to be desired. But we are still so much better, so much stronger than we have been in 30 years. And we still have so much more to do.

So we have to keep moving forward. Please be proud, very proud of what OUR country has achieved and fight to keep fixing what we need to fix. We have the leaders WE elected and for the first time, NOT ONE of them can be assured of their positions. The people, US, can throw them out come the next election. And perhaps we won’t like what the majority decide, but that’s democracy. But it will be the people that decide, not a corrupt group of individuals buying or stealing elections.

If we want to influence hearts and minds then we have to get into the mix, that’s our call. Get involved and convince the people to vote on the ideas we want, the future we see. We have now at least, the right to do that. We have the outlets to do that, whatever the view or perspective.

We are not a pariah nation, and we certainly are not remotely sliding into that area – Brunei and many other nations are more akin to that. Look at the world around us and you could say we’re doing pretty well. Let’s stop misinterpreting and misrepresenting issues with the current quality of our nationhood. Our Nationhood is strong. Our citizenry proved their might, their will. But like all things heading for greatness, we are a work in progress.

Let’s just keep working. We are Malaysia.

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