Pray for New Malaysia

As we approach our National and Malaysia Day celebration amidst the growing anger and disillusionment with the current administration, I only have 2 prayer requests (because I am often asked about this):

– pray for success in wiping out corruption. After 9 May 2018, we are still dealing with the remnant of corruption. Some beneficiaries of the previous system will now struggle with the lack of open doors. Some new players will struggle with the sudden power at their disposal. The restructuring and reform of institutions are still on-going. ‘Malaysia Bersih’ song is now being played at every government function after the national anthem to remind the civil service of this new identity.

– pray for a new middle ground. After 9 May 2018, we are still dealing with the remnant of racism and extremism. These strongholds will pull every single policy decision and events (including accidents) to the extreme side of race and religion. The moderates and the middle ground are being accused of betraying their own race. Some political parties depend very much on these sentiment for their current survival and relevance and they still own mainstream media companies.

In our efforts to have a more inclusive Malaysia Baharu, we need to move away from fear and suspicion. Some are afraid of lights on a building resembling a cross or chinese calligraphy writings in the office of minister. Some are afraid of jawi. This is a mirror effect – guilty of the same fear we accuse another of. To remove these fears, a lot of engagement and consultation need to happen. The last 2 weeks the entire nation has been distracted. 1MDB trial has only just started. In other cases, we are still in the midst of finding traces of corruption because they hide well.

Finally, don’t be distracted. Malaysians conquered their fear and moved mountains to make 9 May happen. Our children depend so much on the decisions we make today. So much at stake. Let our kids play together again. Let them mingle beyond our comfort zone.

Move to the middle, Malaysians. Sound policies will never be made from both ends of extremism. The remnant of corruption and racism will want you to return to their ‘glorious days’ – giving in now is an act of sheer folly. Don’t allow Malaysia Baharu to break. We cannot afford it.

Hannah Yeoh
13 August 2019

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