Visible Hope

I am invisible.
I am not. But I am.
Being, Faith, Identity.
Crushed by the pillars that should uphold me, constitutionally.
But instead, crush me….crush me.
Ground into the soil I am not allowed to be a part of,
Crush me, but not my spirit.
So real. So invisible.
Despair, hope.
Anger, hope.
Frustration, hope.
Hope….dwindling, dwindling.
Hold your breath, Shut your eyes.
Shut out the oppression, knives, slurs, arrogance,
Injustice. …Fear.
So real, So visible.
Where is the light?
The release from shackles unseen!
Condescension that grabs us by the throat.
Enough! Be silent, they said.
So real. So invisible.
We will not be.
Morphed into seething resentment,
We will do battle. Only, gently.
We have to make a difference.
The pen is mightier than the sword.
A mark, only a mark.
Is what it takes.
To mark an indelible change,
Forever inked into our Nations History.
So real. So visible.
Fluttering on the edge of dawn,
A fragile wisp of hope.
That grows and grows, and now
Starts to rip apart my mask of
I am real.
I am visible.
I am Malaysian.