Getting Involved

When I left university and joined the teaching profession, I was immediately faced with the issue of teachers’ pay. My colleagues in the staff room were engaged in animated debate between classes. The NUT (now NUTP- National Union of Teaching Profession) man was signing up members. Another new Christian teacher had strong views that Christians should not associate with a union which was advocating for higher pay and in favour of picketing to achieve that objective.… Read the article

Do Something

“YOU CAN DO SOMETHING. You can get on a path of wisdom and walk it. … “Build your house on a rock,” as Jesus urges us. … You may ask what good all that will do in the face of a task as massive as repairing creation? … I cannot offer an answer that proves the human venture on this planet will be successful in the long run.… Read the article

Easter Sunday

Sunday’s here again He’s risen on the third day Indeed He’s risen Christ won Satan lost Still many would not believe The victory o’er sin First the women saw The empty tomb and much more Others also did His pierced hands and feet Showed he to whom that doubted Yes, my Saviour lives I too believe not Till I felt His love within Peace now fills my heart O Hallelujah Jesus now on God’s side sits O Hallelujah.… Read the article

Dari Sini Ke Sana

From a distance, the world seems brighter now. Even though we’ve far to go. From a distance, our land more hopeful now. Even though our doubts may grow. For the process of change is never immediate And the work of reform never instant. For the breakthroughs occur in seen and unseen ways And the landslides come after much rain.… Read the article

The Gospel, Romans 13 and Oppositional Politics

It’s easier to explain to non Christians than to Christians why I am in an Opposition party – but well, DAP is now the GOVERNMENT of Penang, how’s that Church? For one, there is always the cold, “apolitical-ness” approach which the Church in Malaysia adopted. This is probably for most bred by the culture of fear inculcated by the BN government to maintain their hegemony beginning in the late 80s with ferocious attack of the Executive on the Judiciary which led to the sacking of the then top judge Tun Salleh Abbas (and five other judges of the highest Court) and the rape of our consitutional rights when the Executive gave orders for a “cleanup” operation which saw the silencing of idealogical and political dissents and religious minorities through the gravely unjust preemptive law, ISA.… Read the article

Visible Hope

I am invisible. I am not. But I am. Being, Faith, Identity. Crushed by the pillars that should uphold me, constitutionally. But instead, crush me….crush me. Ground into the soil I am not allowed to be a part of, Crush me, but not my spirit. So real. So invisible. Despair, hope.… Read the article