Who Are They?

TOO HUI MIN, AFIQ ZUHAIRI, ILI AMEERA AZLAN, P. PREMA, MOHD RAFI AMEER, NURUL ASHIKIN KARINO, S. THERESA PAULINE, AWANG MOHD FAZIL AWANG BORHAN, T. SARAVANA. Do you recognise any of these names? What do they all have in common? Who are they? In posing these questions the day before, I asked for comments and response.… Read the article

RELA Raids: Futile Exercises of Power that Further Traumatize Refugees

May is terrified. A RELA (Ikatan Relawan Rakyat, Malaysian Volunteers Corps) raid is happening around her. They are storming down corridors, shouting at residents to demand entry, threatening to cut the locks. She just got back from the border after months in a detention centre. When she was deported to the Thai border, she had to pay RM1,900 to traffickers to be released and sent back to Malaysia.… Read the article

Higher Priority Has To Be Given To Combat Corruption

TI-M welcomes the information that 544 Govt Officials have been charged for corrupt practices. We ask for more frequent announcements of this nature to give greater credibility to the Government’s fight against Corruption. It is noted from the information that Corruption is wide spread across the board, with corrupt officials found in so many Departments !… Read the article

Respect for Loyal Opposition Essential for Democracy

The Civil Society Initiative for Parliamentary Reform (CSI-Parliament) stresses that a loyal opposition is a legitimate and necessary part of any system of democracy, including our constitutional monarchy. We strongly criticise the threatened use of the Sedition Act 1948 and the leveling of accusations of treason against anyone who has a critical view of our political system, regardless of whether the person is a parliamentarian, a member of the royalty or an ordinary citizen, especially by those who would take offence for purely populist or politically-partisan purposes.… Read the article

Stories I Tell My Children

My children are fanatical about mealtimes. I’d like to think it’s because of my food , but I am not as deluded as that. They love mealtimes because they get to listen to stories. “What’ll it be today mom?” demands my six year old. “Tell us about Peter, the Giant and the Poopy Puppeteer!” my toddler squeals.… Read the article

Thirty Nine Years Ago This Day

On the tragic night of May 13, thirty nine years ago, scores of us lost a bit of our blood but for a different reason. We were trying to fill up the fast depleting blood bank at the University Hospital in Petaling Jaya. In the ensuing confusion, it didn’t occur to us to enquire whether our blood would go to a Malay, or to an Indian, or to a Chinese.… Read the article

Examen 35: I’m Not Sure I’m Pure…

“So what race are you?”, a question is posed to me. My reply, “I’m supposed to be Chinese, according to my identity card. I’m Hokkien. I can’t speak the dialect though. My mom is Chinese Cantonese I think but rumor (actually pretty reliable family history) tells me I’m not a pure Chinese.… Read the article

Extolling Mothers

In a sense, Mothers Day, like other internationally-designated days, while sincere in the recognition it bestows on Mothers, is a misnomer of sorts. Since being a mother is a life-time calling. The marking of a birthday, for example, does not mean that the person does not have to live for the rest of his or her life or that he or she will not need to be valued each and every day.… Read the article