Pathetic and disgusting

By Wong Chun Wai PATHETIC and disgusting. That’s surely an understatement in describing the continuous racist slurs non-Malays have had to endure. Using non-Malays – particularly the Christians – as bogeymen hasn’t ended, even more than six decades after independence. The situation has probably worsened because social media has made things more evident and amplified them.… Read the article

I told you so, Pakatan

By Tajuddin Rasdi I have never written an “I told you so” article before, so I am going to try and see how it feels. I wrote several pieces to warn about Whatsapp and mosque ceramahs taking over the Cabinet chair as political influencers. I wrote about Islam becoming a major narrative and the need for drastic measures of counter communication.… Read the article

A decade without her daughter

ON the night of March 31, 2009, M. Indira Gandhi was at home feeling apprehensive, knowing that her estranged husband would probably be showing up soon. She was a little bit afraid that Muhammad Riduan Abdullah might get aggressive. Her husband had a history of domestic abuse, she would later claim in police reports and when speaking to others.… Read the article

Will PH be a one season wonder?

Today Leslie Lau, the managing editor of Malay Mail wrote a piece entitled “Pakatan is finding out that winning GE14 was really the easy part”. It was, to me, a depressing read. His key points are that Malaysians are disillusioned with the new government, Najib on the other hand is basking in new-found popularity, and the perception is that this is a U-turn government that has failed to deliver its promises.… Read the article

The trials of Liam Neeson

Recently Liam Neeson shared in an interview that 40 years ago he was so outraged at the rape of a friend that he went out to look an opportunity to kill anyone who was of the same race as that rapist. The Taken star went on to say that it took him a week or two to get over his impulse.… Read the article

The Questions of Grief

A number of metaphors are used to describe the experience of grief that follows the death of a loved one: the loss of a limb, falling into a black hole, wading through thick mud, submerged in a tidal wave, and so on. And the strange paradox about grief, is that although it is universal (every one of us will experience it at some time in our lives) every experience is uniquely personal, depending on such factors as the depth of one’s relationship with the deceased, one’s personality, upbringing, cultural background, and network of other supportive relationships.… Read the article

Who has the guts to call for Rashid to be sacked?

“Maruah” is a Malay word which bursts with meaning. Perhaps in English its meaning is best captured by the words “honour” and “self-respect.” “Do you have no honour or self-respect” is the stinging rebuke Syed Saddiq hurled at those who long to get contracts and other rewards for being leaders in PPBM (Pribumi).… Read the article

Food Bank Malaysia Programme

GEORGE TOWN, Dec 22 ― The government is confident that the Food Bank Malaysia Programme (FBMP) can lighten the impact of the rising cost of living on the populace and reduce food wastage. Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the implementation of the FBMP, to be headed by the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry, was timely with the focus of the government to lighten the burden in the cost of living of the people especially the B40 (lower income) group.… Read the article

Shaping the Malaysian narrative

Here is a narrative about PH politics I came across today, written by a young twentysomething (or thereabouts) — When political idealism meets reality. He sees that there are the idealists, PKR, DAP and Amanah. But they could not win without PPBM (Mahathir). And he says “Right now, Pakatan is in the Captain America sequel.… Read the article