Daim denounces “Malays under threat” as nonsensical political rhetoric

Since the last general election, the political narrative in Malaysia has centred around issues concerning race and religion, particularly the position of the Malays and Islam. Speaking at UTM Skudai in Johor last night, former finance minister Daim Zainuddin addressed this issue and described the claim that Malays are under threat as nothing more than nonsensical political rhetoric.… Read the article

Marrying when it’s convenient

By Wong Chun Wai IT was a marriage doomed from the start. Of course, the flirting was exciting and both sides enjoyed this phase of the courting. Then, they discussed marriage. In fact, Umno and PAS announced two weeks ago that they had formalised political ties and proudly proclaimed that they were now “married” after a three-hour meeting between leaders of both parties.… Read the article

A trouble-sum game for PH

by Philip Golingai THE possibility – if you are an Umno/PAS politician or supporter – is mouthwatering. When you add the votes the two “newly-wed” parties received in GE14, they could have won many Malay-majority seats they lost. Take the Jerlun parliamentary seat. Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia deputy president Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir won the Kedah seat, with 91% Malays out of the total voters, by a majority of 5,895.… Read the article

PH ministers are L license drivers: Daim

PETALING JAYA, Feb 20 (Sin Chew Daily) — Former Finance Minister Tun Daim Zainuddin described the ministers of the Pakatan Harapan government as the “L license” drivers, and they took over a “dried tree” with only roots left, estimating that the tree grow again after two years, and the national economy and administration can gradually get better.… Read the article

Reality gate-crashing the party

In a recent conversation I had with a friend we both agreed that PH would lose Semenyih. For him, it is the poor performance of the PH government and he lamented that as a once critic of the BN government, he is now a critic of the PH government. Pressed for details, the few matters he raised were to me a consequence of poor politics on the part of PH ministers.… Read the article

Pathetic and disgusting

By Wong Chun Wai PATHETIC and disgusting. That’s surely an understatement in describing the continuous racist slurs non-Malays have had to endure. Using non-Malays – particularly the Christians – as bogeymen hasn’t ended, even more than six decades after independence. The situation has probably worsened because social media has made things more evident and amplified them.… Read the article

I told you so, Pakatan

By Tajuddin Rasdi I have never written an “I told you so” article before, so I am going to try and see how it feels. I wrote several pieces to warn about Whatsapp and mosque ceramahs taking over the Cabinet chair as political influencers. I wrote about Islam becoming a major narrative and the need for drastic measures of counter communication.… Read the article

A decade without her daughter

ON the night of March 31, 2009, M. Indira Gandhi was at home feeling apprehensive, knowing that her estranged husband would probably be showing up soon. She was a little bit afraid that Muhammad Riduan Abdullah might get aggressive. Her husband had a history of domestic abuse, she would later claim in police reports and when speaking to others.… Read the article